Integrated Electronic
ID Verification
User Verification
with Video Chat
Agent Guided
Service Experience
Electronic Signature
& Payment

Benefits of Electronic ID & User Verification with Live Video Agents

  • Increase verification accuracy with live agents
  • Ensure better compliance with regulations
  • Reduce customer abandonment
  • Upsell & cross sell with live consultation
Omni-Channel ID Verification

Video Chat Improves
ID Verification

While electronic verification can verify an ID, it cannot reliably verify the user as the actual ID owner.  The Live Expert system allows an agent to verify the user through real-time video chat during any ID verification process.

ID Verification for
Online, Mobile, Kiosks

Our solution is used by Fortune 500 and smaller companies for a wide range of transactions requiring customer verification, such as car rentals and sale of age restricted products.

Web Module Requires
No Software Download

Our web module allows customers to video chat agents in real-time without downloading any software. One click on a webpage or email instantly connects customers an available agent for an agent guided user verification process.

Live Expert Studio ID Verification

Live Expert Studio guides the agent through the entire transaction cycle.

Comprehensive Tools
for Agents

Live Expert Studio guides the agent through each step of the ID verification process.  Agents are provided with prompts, verification results, and exception handling messages, and must acknowledge each step.  The entire session can be recorded for QA, compliance, and issue resolution.

Comprehensive Tools
for Customers

Customer and agent can co-browse, share documents, share screen, scan driver’s license or passport, and process transactions.  The kiosk module interfaces with scanners, imager, MSR, dispenser, RFID, and printer.

Instantly Connect Every
Customer to Right Advisor

Our patented technology automatically routes video calls to agents based on expertise needed, language preference, and location, and manages live queues. Every customer is connected to the right advisor at the moment of need for face-to-face consultation.

Wide Range of
Industry Uses

  • Driver/contractor hiring process
  • Financial transactions
  • High value transactions
  • Rental transactions
  • Sales of age restricted products
  • Handling of controlled substances
  • Regulatory compliance
Live Expert Station Hertz Kiosks at Airport

Live Expert runs Hertz Express Rent Kiosks at hundreds of locations.

Live Expert’s video-assisted ID and user verification will reduce fraud and increase valid user conversions.

Important Features Wheel General

Omni-channel Video Chat System

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