Enterprise Class Application and Architecture

Live Expert Enterprise is a server application that manages all the endpoints and processes within the Live Expert system. Its advanced architecture makes it highly scalable and secure for high volume video chat services.

Live Expert Enterprise Cloud Server Icon

Complete System Out of the Box

  • Video telephony switch for agent selection, call routing, and call transfers.
  • Manages call queues and estimated wait times.
  • Manages callback requests.
  • Manages interfaces to other systems.
  • Manages multi-entity support and user profiles and roles.
  • Provides optional CRM, order processing and invoicing tools.

Availability & Quality Management

  • Monitors network connections.
  • Monitors endpoint availability.
  • Monitors agent availability.
  • Monitors call session activity.
  • Manages session recordings and reviews.
  • Captures and reports customer feedback.
  • Reporting and analytics for video chat sessions and agent performance

Built for Security, Usability & Performance

  • HIPPA compliant
  • Encryption of all communication and shared content
  • Works seamlessly with existing applications like CRM, order processing, account management, etc.
  • Multi-thread application for feature richness and robust performance
  • Easy to maintain configurations, rules and user profiles.
  • Automatic software updates
  • System alerts, analytics, and reports.