Complete video chat customer service portal for your agents.

You need much more than video chat technology to provide video-assisted services. Live Expert Studio provides a comprehensive suite of tools necessary to create a superior video chat customer service experience.

When evaluating video chat solutions, look beyond the video. Check whether the following capabilities are also available out-of-the-box.

Live Expert Studio Setup Hertz ExpressRent Agent

Video Call & Session Management

  • Video call queue monitor.
  • Video call transfer and concierge functions.
  • Video call quality indicator.
  • Automatically –
    • Adjusts video bit rate based on network performance.
    • Provides key information to agent – customer detail, customer’s location detail, product info, etc.
    • Retrieves language-specific content.
  • Session recording – video, audio, desktop options.
  • Reporting and analytics.

Agent Controls

  • Large / small video option.
  • Multiple display option.
  • One-click content sharing, co-browsing, and desktop sharing.
  • Share content from any system.
  • Catalog and favorites.
  • Thumbnail view of customer’s screen.
  • Control all devices at Live Expert Station.
  • Contact onsite employees.
  • Re-establish the last video call connection.
  • Session documentation and disposition.
  • Callback disposition.

Flexible & Inexpensive

  • Supports video calls from all channels: online, onsite, mobile.
  • Peer to peer video chat and content sharing.
  • Agents can work from anywhere with internet connection.
  • Agents can be employees, vendors or partners.
  • Works seamlessly with existing systems, including CRM.
  • No expensive proprietary equipment, just off the shelf computer and webcam.
  • Not bandwidth intensive.