Technical & Field
Incident & Claims

Benefits of Live Expert Remote Support

  • Reduce onsite support visits
  • Faster resolution & less down time
  • Greater adherence & utilization
  • Easier documentation
Live Expert Station All-in-One Student Care

Live Expert runs Intuit employee support stations around the globe.

Live Expert Mobility iPad Live Support Services Home Menu
Live Expert Mobility iPad Live Support Services In Call

Comprehensive Mobile Apps & Help Stations

Custom menu of services, workflow, messages, and branding.  Inbound & outbound calling to app user.  Easily add access to self-service resources and other enterprise applications.

Interface with Devices for Data Collection

Live Expert app can interface  with external devices for electronic data gathering and submission to cloud applications.  App can also display notifications or reminders.

Live Expert Mobility iPad Live Support Services Content Sharing Device Sync
Live Expert Mobility iPad Live Support Services Content Sharing Video Demonstration

Instantly Connect Customers & Employees to Right Advisor

Our patented technology automatically routes video calls to agents based on expertise needed, language preference, and location, and manages live queues. Every customer gets the right advisor in real-time for face-to-face consultation.

Comprehensive Tools
for Agents

Customer and agent can examine equipment together by video, conduct demonstration, co-browse, share documents, or share screen. Customers can also upload photos or documents to the agent. The entire session can be recorded for QA and issue resolution.

Wide Range of
Industry Uses

  • Technical support for customers & employees
  • Equipment diagnostics & support
  • Product demonstrations
  • Support for field services
  • Incident reporting
  • Claims reporting
Live Expert Studio Agent's Monitor

Real-time video chat system for
high-engagement services and remote support.

Important Features Wheel Patient Services

Omni-channel Video Chat System

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