Why Live Expert?

Live Expert allows consumers or field technicians to get real-time
video chat support from remote advisors with the click of a button.

  • Reduce onsite support visits
  • Increase first-call resolution
  • Increase uptime and utilization
  • Increase customer satisfaction

Comprehensive Tools for Remote Support


Both parties can annotate a still video image or pdf.

Signature Authorization

Obtain customer authorization signature for use of video.

Share Files & Videos

Both parties can share PDFs and videos and save to their devices.


Expert can share web pages or instructional videos.

Additional Features to Empower your Remote Services

Dynamic Call Routing

Automatic call routing based on service, language & location.

Multi-Party Calls

Add another customer or tech in real time to an existing call.

In/Outbound Calling

Calls can be initiated from either party.

Video Controls

Front/rear camera and video frame controls.

Flashlight Control

Expert can turn customer or field tech’s flashlight on or off.

Integrated Experience

Easy access to existing systems & library of content.

Browser-based Module

No software download required. Works on all browsers.

Custom Mobile App

Custom menu & workflow. Access other tech resources.


18 real time reports
and analytics.

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